Write a real-life story about a person in your society who has achieved success in or her field.

The short should cover the following points.

The person’s field of work – the hardships that he/ she had to face – qualities of the person –meaning of success to him/ her- brief biographical details- milestones in his /her life-a lesson for society

Form Utter Destitution to Success!

I know of a lady named Kantabai. She lives in a remote village near Ahmednagar. She came from a very poor and destitute family. She did not receive any formal education, but learnt how to read and write from a neighbour. She was married at a very young age to a very elderly man, because she had no dowry. This man ill-treated her and even subjected her to physical abuse. Finally she complained to the police authorities. No one there paid any attention to her grievances. Her parents were not willing to take her back because it would result in shame for the family. She left her home and walked miles. She was tired and on the point of wanting to commit suicide.   

Then she met a middle- aged lady who ran a home for oppressed woman like Kantabai. The lady took Kandabai to her institution and brought her back to health. This was a milestone in her life. Then Kantabai began involving herself in matters dealing with women who had suffered at the hands of their in-laws or husbands. She took up their cause with a will and earned a name for herself as a crusader of justice. Today she is the head of the Panchayat and involved in many projects for the development of the village. However, prime on her agenda, even now, is woman-empowerment.

Thus did Kandabai overcome all odds and achieve success in the field she had chosen. Her story is indeed a lesson for all women who face such situations in society.

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