Write a letter to the Manager of a local bank asking for detailed information about savings accounts to be opened by the students of your class.

Omtex English Academy,
13th August 2013

The Manager,
Dharavi Co-op. Bank Ltd.,
Mumbai- 17.

Subject: Request for information regarding savings accounts for students

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am the Prefect of Std. X A of the Omtex English Academy. It is the wish of at least 35 students of the class to open savings accounts in your bank. The purpose is not only to gain practical knowledge of banking procedures but also to develop the habit of saving money.

We would like to have the following information:

(1) What is the minimum amount with which a saving account can be opened?
(2) What interest rate does the bank offer on the savings account?
(3) What is the minimum balance to be maintained?
(4) Is there any restriction on withdrawals?
Kindly send us the information we seek. We are keen on opening the savings accounts as soon as possible.

Yours faithfully,


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