Write 10 questions that you would ask a politician.

Remember: You have to make an appropriate introduction and conclusion:

Questions of the Interviewer

(1)    Congratulations, Sir, on winning the elections. What will be your first cal of duty?
(2)    Since when did you start taking an interest in politics?
(3)    What was special about your election campaign?
(4)    Can you list out for us the amount of social work that you have already done?
(5)    What are your aspirations in the political field?
(6)    Which politicians do you admire most?
(7)    What plans do you have for fulfilling election promises?
(8)    Why have you chosen politics as you field of work?
(9)    Why, do you think, did you win over your opponent?
One last question: what is your message to the youth of India? 

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