Prepare a factfile for a wildlife sanctuary in Maharashtra:

Bhimasankar Wildlife Sanctuary

Location: in the Sahyadri range; 2500 feet above sea level

Distance from important cities: around 260 km and 7 hours drive from Mumbai

Modes of transport: by road along the Bhivandi-Mumbai-Agra (Highway No. 3), and then via Kalyan to Murbad – Wada to Bhimashankar

Uniqueness: densely forested with majestic towering trees festooned with numerous perennial creepers (lianas), and is richer in fauna as compared to the rest of peninsular India; home of the giant squirrels and leopards, the Malabar Grey Hornbill and Falcons

Best time of the year to visit: summer months

Accommodation: plenty of hotels and dhabas

What to see: flora and fauna; one can find more species of animals and birds in this enchanting forest than one can see in the whole of Europe.

  Importance: Nature spot

Anything special: Designated as a reserved forest

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