Prepare a factfile for the city/town/village you live in. mention the following in the leaflet:

(i)                  How to get there  (ii) importance of the place  (iii) economy  (iv) celebrations  (v) development.
Kalyan: Developing Railway Junction

(i)                  How to get there: Mumbai- Agra Road; Mumbai- Nashik Road passes through Kalyan; junction stop for trains from Mumbai, Pune, North India and South India.
(ii)                Importance: Important railway junction on central Railways network; nodal point for trains coming both from south and north India; historical importance (durgadi Killa)
(iii)               Economy: fishing; business center; shopping complexes; dye factories; gold and cloth trade
(iv)              Celebrations: Ganesh chaturthi, Navaratri, Diwali

(v)                Development: Kalyan West more developed that Kalyan East; area ahead of Brila college fast developing into new township

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