Imagine it is Doctor’s Day. frame 10 questions to interview a doctor

Remember: you have to make an appropriate introduction and conclusion.


Questions of the interviewer


(1) Wish you ‘happy Doctor’s Day’. what, may I ask, inspired you to become a doctor?
(2) Was it your ambition from childhood to become a doctor?
(3) Why did you decide upon this particular field of medicine?
(4) Can you give us an idea of the amount of studies you had to put in, in order to become a doctor?
(5) Do you think the comforts of modern life are proving to be a health hazard?
(6) What, in your opinion, are the special qualities required for a person to be a successful doctor?
(7) How do you approach your treatment of patients?
(8) What are your hours for consultation?
(9) How do you keep up with modern advanced techniques of treatment?
(10) One last question. What is your message in general to people about maintaining good health?

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