Change Passive Voice Into Active Voice

Ex. 1] You have been accepted by temple.
A.V. Temple has accepted you.
2] The heaviness of being successful was replaced by the
Lightness of being a beginner
A.V. =The lightness of being a beginner replaced the heaviness of being successful.
3] My father was given a jeep by the government.
A.V. = The government gave a jeep to my father.
4] This women was raised by a widowed mother.
A.V. = A widowed mother raised this women.
5] 90% of road crashes globally were attributed to
human error’’ by the world health organization.
A.V. =The world health organization attributed 90% of road crashes globally to human error.
6] Sam was joined by galahas, swallows, and cockatoos.
A.V. =Galahs, swallows, cockatoos joined Sam.
7] He was struck by a car.
A.V. =A car struck him.
8] I was diagnosed with cancer.
A.V. = Doctor diagnosed me with cancer.
9] The brew was served.
A.V. =Mother served the brew.
10] Road accident have been traditionally viewed as random events.
A.V. = we have traditionally viewed road accident as random event.
11] Our children are straitjacketed.
A.V. = We straitjacketed our children.
12] Happiness can
t be bought with cash.
A.V. = We can
t buy happiness with cash.
  An unusual commotion was heard by her.
   A. V.   She heard an unusual commotion. 

1] The work is forced by external factors and condition.
2] 20 million messages are sent every month.
3] You bring grandeur to gadget.
4] He captured the soul of romance.
5] Sms was conceived year before.
1] They spent an anxious day at the hospital
2] Try this.
3] More trees and shrubs were planted.
4] Twenty street lamp are powered by solar and wind energy.
5] I gave him a book.

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