As a reporter from ‘The Indian Express’ you have to interview a flood victim. Write about 19 questions that you would ask him/her:

Questions of the Interviewer

(1)     This year the flood were terrible, weren’t they? Can you tell me more about it?
(2)     How did you manage to survive?
(3)     Did you suffer any personal loses?
(4)     Were there any relief measures?
(5)     Did any civic officials or political leaders come to visit you?
(6)     Have you been provided temporary accommodation?
(7)     Do you think your suffering could have been less if some preventive measures had been taken?
(8)     Was any warning given?
(9)     Has any scheme been launched to help you reconstruct your houses?
(10)   One last question: do you have any suggestions as to how such flood can be prevented?

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