Your cousin has recently won the prize at a state level Elocution Competition. Write a letter congratulating her on her success.

7G, Rainbow Colony,
M.G.Road, Dharavi,
22nd September 2013

My dear Jessy,

Three cheers for you! And if you listen carefully, you will hear the ‘Hurray’ echoing all the way to Dhule.

I just can’t believe it. Your winning the prize at the state level elocution competition! Do you remember how I used to tease you for your lisping last year? Surely, you have  really come a long way.

All of us are proud of you. Mummy never stops telling the neighbors and visitors about you, and Daddy is planning to buy you a present. Mohan boasts about you to all his friends at school. We just can’t get over this grand achievement of yours.

I shall be coming these holidays to Dhule t congratulate you personally and tell you how proud I am to have a cousin like you.

Three cheers, once again!

Your ever loving cousin,


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