You want to arrange a live demonstration by the Committee for the Eradication of Superstition.

Draft a letter inviting the President of the Committee for the Eradication of Superstition to give a live demonstration in your school:

Model English High School,
M.G. Road, Dharavi,
20th June 2013

The President,
Committee for the Eradication of superstition,
A.R. Marg,

Subject: Invitation to give a live demonstration

Dear Sir/Madam,

We have recently studied about developing a scientific attitude and eradicating superstitions in a lesson in our English textbook. This lesson has made a powerful impression on us. Subsequently, with the help of our class teacher, we conducted a survey in our locality about the prevalence of superstitions. We were amazed to find that a good number of people in our locality are superstitious. Some of their superstitions appear to be quite unhealthy.

We learnt about your committee and how you help to eradicate superstitions and inculcate a scientific attitude amongst people. We wish to arrange a live demonstration by your Committee for the students of our school and their parents. We also tentatively fixed Sunday, July 21, 5 p.m. for this. The venue will be our school hall. We also enclose a list of questions which we would like you to discuss during the programme.

We hope that you will oblige us and accept our invitation. Looking forward to receiving a positive reply,

Yours faithfully,


(For the Students of Std. X, Model English High School)

Encl. : List of questions

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