You have received a letter from your friend describing his/changed lifestyle.

Imagine you live at 7G, Rainbow colony, M.G. Road, Dharavi Mumbai-17. You have received  a letter from your friend describing his/changed lifestyle. Replay to the letter giving your friend advice about living a good and healthy life

7G, Rainbow colony,
M.G.  road, Dharavi,
Mumbai -17.
26th August 2013

Dear ramesh,

I was quite surprised to hear your changed style of living. Do you really think having around with friends and spending hours in the bowling alley will help you in any way? I also cannot imagine how the idea of eating a lot of junk food occurred to you.

There was a time you used to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and go regularly to play tennis with your friends. A good diet and regular exercise kept you fit and healthy. now your Mom tells me that you often fall sick. You have frequent chest complaints because of eating too much ice cream. Remember the saying, ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away ‘ when did you change your mind about such matters?

Please listen to me and go back to your old ways. You were a much better person then, both physically. This high society friendship that you have taken up with is not going to get you anywhere. It will only make you waste your parents’ had-earned money and put on fat. There is nothing to be gained from your present lifestyle.

I know you will heed my advice and turn over a new leaf. I hope that in your next letter I hear some positive news about you.

Best wishes,


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