You borrowed a book from your friend and you lost it. Write a letter of apology to him/her.

7G, Rainbow Colony,
M.G. Road, Dharavi,
22nd February 2014

Dear Moorthy,

How are you? How are studies going on? How are uncle and aunty?

We all are doing great here. Hope the same is with all of you. Give my regards to uncle and aunty and lots of love to little Raj.

Moorthy, I am writing to you today to talk about an important issue. I had borrowed the book "The Jungle Book" from you some days back. I really enjoyed reading that book. But, as you know, we have shifted our residence, the book got misplaced in the shifting. I have searched for it high and low but cannot find it.

It was very good book. I am highly apologetic for my mistake. I will buy and return a new book to you as soon as I get it from any shop. Hope you won't be angry on me.

I apologize again for the same and for the inconvenience caused to you. Hope you forgive me.

Your loving friend,


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