Write a letter to your younger sister who complains that she does not know how to manage time.

7G, Rainbow Colony,
M.G.Road, Dharavi,
18th August 2013.

Dear Sahana,

I received your letter this afternoon and was quite worried to know that you are finding it difficult to manage your time. I have always known you to be a very sensible and responsible and responsible person and hence this fact surprises me.

From your letter, I gather that you have too many activities chalked out for the day. I suggest that you give up one or two which are not connected with your studies, for example, going for chess classes. You have also mentioned that you are taking both singing and dancing lessons. I suggest that you give up one of them.

Allocate a specific time for your homework. I know that you love reading storybooks, but keep that for the time  just before you go to bed. Also, and this is very important-cut down on the time that you watch TV. I think you are watching not only your favourite cartoons, but also the TV serials that chachiji loves to watch (that is what she told me in her letter to me!)

Remember, studies are your priority. Everything else can be either done away with or curtailed. Knowing what your priorities are is the first step towards effective time-management.

I hope my letter has been of some help to you. Do write about the changes you have made in your schedule.

Your loving brother,


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