Write a letter to your friend describing a fire that broke out in your locality, and which you witnessed.

7G, Rainbow Colony,
M.G.Road, Dharavi,
3rd January 2008

Dear Laxmi,

The other day I underwent a most frightening experience. There was a fire in the building two blocks away from our building. It occurred in the dead of night. My sleep was broken by mother urgently asking me to wake up. I sensed her fear and was filled with panic. What was wrong I wondered.

Soon I realized that a fire had broken out two building away. From our window we could see tall flames rising in the night sky. Thick smokes billowed out of the windows. The air was quite suffocating. A big crowd had gathered, at some safe distance away on the road, and were watching in disbelief as floor after floor got swallowed up by the fire.

The fire brigade had come in and rescue operations were going on. As each person was brought out of the building there were sighs of relief and silent prayers. I could see many of my neighbours involved in rescue work. Even Daddy was out there shouting instructions and keeping the crowds calm.

It took more than two hours for the firefighters to put out the fire completely. Thankfully there were no casualties. The few who sustained minor injuries and burns were moved to a nearby hospital.

This is an incident that I never forget as long as I live.

Your loving friend,


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