Write a letter to the Editor, The City Times, complaining about the frequent failure of electricity in your city. Suggest measures for improvement.

7G, Rainbow Colony,
M.G. Road,
25th May 2014

The Editor,
The City Times,
Miraj Station Road,

Subject: Complaint about frequent power failure


Miraj is fast turning into a village. Failure of electricity is the rule rather than the exception in this city. There is no fixed time, nor day, for power outage. How much more can we bear in the name of ‘load shedding’?

The State Electricity Board should be up with other power plants to provide regular electric supply to this and other towns. More importantly, those who are ‘robbing’ electricity should be identified and strict action should be taken against them.

Apart from the inconvenience, power cuts also result in great economic loss to the city. Hope the authorities concerned will open their eyes to the reality and act sooner than later.

Yours truly,


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