If TALLY ended with an ERROR, a completion status appears. If there is
such  a  message,  the following error or errors  have  occurred.  The
Completion Status are given here along with a brief commentary.

1.  Terminated by choice:

    You  had  pressed  Ctrl+Break  while  running  the  program,   and
    subsequently  chosen  to  QUIT the program in the  Middle.  NOT  a
    genuine ERROR.

2.  Out of Memory:

    Technically  a  rare problem. TALLY requires a  minimum  of  470KB
    (480000 Bytes) of user memory, which is generally available on all
    machines.  However,  networked  nodes may suffer  from  this  more
    often.  If  it does occur, then you probably  have  some  Resident
    Programs  running in the background. This is correctable  only  by
    creating sufficient memory be removing such programs from  memory.
    Contact a Peutronics Support Executive.

3.  Insufficient files provided by DOS:

    The  CONFIG.SYS of the machine does not contain the line, FILES  =
    25 or greater. Correct this problem, REBOOT the machine, and  this
    message should not reappear.

4.  Needs DOS ver 3.0 or higher:

    TALLY requires MS-DOS version 3.0 and higher. To our knowledge, no
    serious  user of PC-compatibles uses a lower version. A  defensive
    programming mechanism.

5.  Cannot find internal files:

    Technically,  should  never occur, unless you have  been  shifting
    files  around on your Hard Disk. TALLY searches for  the  required
    file  TALLY.400  in  the current directory,  and  subsequently  in
    directory   in  which  TALLY  was  installed.  Since,   TALLY   is
    automatically  installed with this file in the  correct  location,
    only  changing  and/or naming directories could  cause  this.  The
    simplest solution is to reinstall TALLY. Alternately, ensure  that
    TALLY.400 is made available in either the current directory, or in
    the installed directory.

6.  Incorrect PATH for Data Files:

    A rare problem which will appear only if experiments are done with
    the  Data  Path  of TALLY. For example, if  the  Configuration  is
    changed,  and a new Data Directory is set, and subsequently,  that
    directory  is  removed at DOS level, and TALLY is  invoked  again,
    this  error  results.  Technically, this should  never  happen  in
    normal  usage of TALLY. It could also be the result of  typing  an
    incorrect path name when starting TALLY.

7.  Permission denied on Data Files:

    A  problem possibly faced on LAN environments. However,  most  LAN
    systems have a mechanism enabling them to "fool" the software into
    thinking that permissions to manipulate files are available.  This
    sometimes  leads  to  "strange" results  (for  example,  you  have
    entered  vouchers  or  created ledgers, but  on  restarting  TALLY
    nothing exists).

8.  Creation failed - no authority or access:

    TALLY  sometimes  requires to create new tiles.  On  occasion,  an
    insufficient files (Error Number 3) could result in this  failure.
However,  a more common occurrence is when a LAN  environment  permits
Read/Write  permission,  but  not a  Create  permission.  Yet  another
possibility is when a lower security level (on TALLY.dss) is used, and
the process of rewriting or other such activity needs to create files.

9.  Incorrect file size Probable media Corruption:

    Possible due to information corruption on the Hard Disk. The  most
    common  occurance  would be due to power failures  during  a  Disk
    Writing  Process,  since information regarding size of  files  are
    handled by MS-DOS as the last activity. Normally, full recoverable
    by  going  through the rewriting process. However, this  error  is
    also  caused  by external viral corruptions of  data  directories.
    Hence, care should be exercised in interpreting the problem.

10. Error Reading Data Probable Media Corruption:

    Normally,  due to an unrecoverable read error from the Hard  Disk,
    and would indicate a current or potential problem. Magnetic media,
    however, occasionally, give "intermittent" errors (rarely),  which
could cause this error to occur. The safest recovery is to rewrite the
books, and watch for a repetition during that time. If it recurs, then
a Hard Disk problem is probable.

11. Error Writing Data Probable Media Corruption:

    Identical in context to Error 10.

12. File Damaged. Use Backups or Attempt recovery:

    This  indicates  a problem detected by TALLY, which  bypassed  the
    normal data checking mechanisms of MS-DOS and the Hardware system.
    Typically, this would occur when the Data files of TALLY have been
    damaged  by external means (use of Disk Utilities, Viruses,  stray
    programs  and  the  like), which are  considered  illegitimate  by
    TALLY. If the extent of damage is localised, a rewriting of  books
    should solve the problem, with a possible loss of minimal data. It
    is  recommended that the nature of the problem be diagnosed  (e.g.
    it  could  be a virus), to prevent repetition. (This  error  could
    also  occur due to a power failure - although it is rare for  this
    to  happen. If you are certain that power had failed  just  before
    this  message  appeared, then simply follow  the  instructions  on
    screen for rewriting, and everything should be OK).

13. No space on Disk:

    There  is no more space on the Hard Disk to write the vouchers  or
    accounts.  You MUST DELETE unnecessary files and run the  program.
    There is no other solution to this problem.

14. No Authority to continue:

    Typically, a problem in TALLY.dss relating to Security Levels,  as
    well  as  incorrect  TALLY  Keys  during  use  of  TALLY   Vaulted

15. Incorrect Version of TALLY:

    Would  never occur if you are using the Latest Version  of  TALLY.
    This error indicates that the data is of a later version than  the
    one being used.


17. Improper math operations:

    This  error  should never occur. If it does,  check  whether  your
    machine is infected by a virus. If the machine is not infected and
    the problem persists even after rebooting, contact Peutronics.

18. Probable damage to TALLY.EXE install TALLY again:

    Caused  either by an external corruption which escaped the  notice
    of MS-DOS (normally, the first complaint would come from  MS-DOS),
    or  by someone tampering with the program. Simply reinstall  TALLY
    and continue.

19. Network error:

    This  message will come in conjunction with other errors  relating
    to the Network.

20. Network not compatible-Check TALLY Manuals:

    The  minimum  requirement for a Network under TALLY is  to  permit
    shared access to files, with file locking facilities. If these are
    not  supported through MS-DOS, then you must run TALLY  in  stand-
    along mode only. OR, change to a compatible network!


22. Error using TALLY.EXE:

    A  problem  if  TALLY files have been copied  from  one  place  to
    another,  and incompletely. Reinstall TALLY to ensure  elimination
    of this problem.

23. Books need REWRITING. Use Backups or attempt rewriting:

    After TALLY has detected the need to Rewrite Books (due to any one
    or more data corruption problems), then you cannot skip the  query
    to  begin  rewriting.  (In any case, the query is to  give  you  a
chance  to restore a previous uncorrupted backup). If you  deny  TALLY
the  access  to  proceed  with rewriting, TALLY  pops  out  with  this

24. Incorrect method of starting TALLY:

    TALLY  may be started in the recommended way only. Any  extraneous
    information on the command line will result in this error.

25. Internal files damages. Install TALLY again:

    This  is a required and non-repairable File for  TALLY.  Reinstall
    TALLY  and the problem is automatically solved. The cause  of  the
    problem would be identical to the causes for Error 12.



28. Exceeded internal screen capacity. Contact Peutronics:

    Similar  in  content and meaning as Error No.  2,  with  identical

29. Cannot execute direct commands:

    The files needed for providing direct commands are either  missing
    or  corrupted.  Check  whether you are  running  TALLY  correctly.
    Otherwise, reinstall TALLY.

30. Could not complete process:

    Normally,  occurs  during  Backup  or Restore  of  Data,  when  an
    extraneous  problem  occurs (like interruption by the user,  or  a
    corruption  of  the  Data Diskette). Repeating  the  step  without
    interruptions should be attempted, if the problem is not caused by
    physical defects.

31. Company data already in use. Try after some time:

    An error on LAN systems, when you are not allowed to even see  the
    company while it is in use.

32. Virtual memory Error:

    This  error should never occur. It is just a  defensive  addition.
    Contact Peutronics, if it occurs.

33. Exceeded internal Virtual capacity. Contact Peutronics:

    Do  contact Peutronics with a detail of circumstances under  which
    this error was reported.

34. No Company selected. Terminated by choice:

    This is not an error but just an informative message.

35. Entry could not be filed:

    This error will occur only in conjunction with a network error.

36. TALLY Lock not found OR TALLY.EXE damaged:

    Check whether TALLY Lock is installed properly or not. Also  check
    the  printer  port is in working condition or  not.  On  networks,
    TALLY  Lock  can made accessible to all nodes by  running  special
    driver  programs.  Refer to the Installation Supplement  for  more
    details. If TALLY Lock seems to be fine, then only the  corruption
    of  TALLY.EXE  and  other related files can  cause  this  problem.
    Simply reinstall TALLY.

37. Internal error - Contact Peutronics:

    Do  contact Peutronics with a detail of circumstances under  which

    this error was reported.

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