Q.I (C) Match the following :

1. Column I Column II
(i) Gregor Jonann Mendel (a) DNA structure model
(ii) Charles Darwin (b) Theory of inheritance of acquired
(iii) Jean Baptiste Lamarck (c) Theory of natural selection
(iv) Watson and Crick (d) Laws of Genetics
Ans. (i – d), (ii – c), (iii – b), (iv – a).
2. Column I Column II
(i) Heredity (a) Structural component of
(ii) Progeny (b) Remains of ancient life forms
(iii) DNA (c) Inheritance of traits
(iv) Gene (d) Offsprings
(e) Fragment of DNA
Ans. (i – c), (ii – d), (iii – a), (iv – e).
3. Column I Column II
(i) Monohybrid cross (a) Character expressed in F1
(ii) Dihybrid cross (b) Cross involving only one pair of
(iii) Dominant trait (c) Character suppressed in F1
(iv) Recessive trait (d) Cross involving only two pairs of
Ans. (i – b), (ii – d), (iii – a), (iv – c).
4. Column I Column II
(i) Heterozygous male (a) Lepidopterans
(ii) Environmental sex reversal (b) Human female
(iii) Homozygous female (c) Human male
(iv) Homozygous male (d) Amphibians
Ans. (i – c), (ii – d), (iii – b), (iv – a).
5. Column I Column II
(i) Monohybrid phenotypic ratio (a) 9 : 3 : 3 : 1
(ii) Dihybrid phenotypic ratio (b) 1 : 2 : 1 : 2 : 4 : 2 : 2 : 1 : 1 : 1
(iii) Monohybrid genotypic ratio (c) 3 : 1
(iv) Dihybrid genotypic ratio (d) 1 : 2 : 1
Ans. (i – c), (ii – a), (iii – d), (iv – b).
6. Column I Column II
(i) Yellow and wrinkled seeds (a) yyrr
(ii) Green and round seeds (b) YyRr
(iii) Yellow and round seeds (c) YYrr
(iv) Green and wrinkled seeds (d) yyRr

Ans. (i – c), (ii – d), (iii – b), (iv – a).

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