Describe the human male reproductive system.

Ans. The human male reproductive system consists of : 

1. Testis : Produces sperms (male germ cells). As formation of sperms require temperature lower than the normal body temperature, testes are located outside the abdominal cavity in the scrotum. Testes secrete the hormone testosterone which brings about changes in boys during puberty. 

2. Epididymis : Immature sperms travel to the epididymis for development and storage. 

3. Vas deferens : It is a passage through which the sperm travels towards the urethra. 

4. Seminal vesicle and prostate glands : They produce the ejaculatory fluid which helps the sperm in transport and provides nutrition. 

5. Penis : It is the portion of the reproductive system that delivers the sperms to the site of fertilization. 

6. Sperms : A sperm cell is composed of a head which carries the genetic information, a middle part which carries mitochondria for energy production and a tail which is like a flagellum to help in movement towards the female germ cells.

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