100 Question Bank in Tally


            1.         Tally package is developed by
                        o a.     Peutronics                   o b.     Tally Solutions
                        o c.     Coral Softwares          o d.     Vedika Softwares

1.                  We can change the Company Information from
o a.     Company Info > Back up                               o b.     Company Info > Alter
o c.     Company Info > Split Company Data            o d.     None of these
2.                  Company Restore option is available in
o a.     Company Features                 o b.     Company Information
o c.     Configuration                          o d.     None of these
            4.         In general the Financial year from shall be from
                        o a.     1st April of any year                o b.     31st March of any year
                        o c.     All of them are true                 o d.     None of these
            5.         We can Modify an existing Company from
                        o a.     Company Info > Alter            o b.     Company Info > Alter Company
                        o c.     Gateway of Tally > Modify Company            o d.     None of these

            6.         To change Current Date from Gateway of Tally press the key
                        o a.     F1                    o b.     F5                    o c.     F2                    o d.     F9

            7.         Party account can be created through
                        o a.     Group creation window                       o b.     Ledger creation window
                        o c.     Inventory creation window                  o d.     Any one of them
            8.         A ledger may get declaration space for its Alias through
                        o a.     F12                  o b.     F11      o c.     Alt + F1                       o d.     Alt + F2

            9.         F12 is known as
o a.     Company Features                             o b.     Company Configuration        
o c.     Accounting Features                           o d.     None of these
10.       What is the utility of Tally Vault Password?
                        o a.     It will lock the period of Company
                        o b      It will lock all voucher entries for that Company
                        o c.     It will not show the Company Name in the Company Select List.
                        o d.     None of these

            11.       We can show Bill wise details of Debtors and Creditors by activating
                        o a.     Bill by bill                     o b.     Maintain Bill wise Details       
o c.     Maintain References  o d.     None of these

            12.       The shortcut key to quit from Tally is
                        o a.     Ctrl + L                        o b.     Ctrl + P            o c.     Ctrl + M           o d.     Ctrl+Q

            13.       A Ledger can't be deleted if it is caring Opening Balance
                        o a.     True                 o b.     False

            14.       How many inbuilt Accounts group are in tally by default?
                        o a.     29                    o b.     31                    o c.     25                    o d.     34

15.       The shortcut used to activate calculator is
o a.     Ctrl + N           o b.     Ctrl + M           o c.     Ctrl + A            o d.     Ctrl + B

            16.       Suspense Account Group is defined under
                        o a.     Income            o b.     Expenditure     o c.     Liabilities          o d.     Assets

            17.        To activate MRP feature from Gateway of Tally initially we need to press
                        o a.     F11                  o b.     F12                  o c.     F10                  o d.     Alt + F1

            18.       MRP formula for inclusive of vat is
                        o a.     {vat%*(MRP * QTY)}/100                   o b.     (100*rate of vat)/(100+rate of vat)
                        o c.     Both a & b                                           o d.     None of these

            19.       Manufacturing Journal creates based on
                        o a.     Journal            o b.     Receipt Note  
o c.     Stock Journal  o d.     Purchase Quotation

            20.       To create Manufacturing Journal which option must be activated
                        o a.     Use Common Narration                     o b.     Narrations for each entry
                        o c.     Prefill with Zero                                   o d.     Use as manufacturing Journal

            21.       How many types of Measurement Units we can create in Tally?
                        o a.     2                      o b.     3                      o c.     5                      o d.     Unlimited

22.       To activate Job Costing which options require to be activated?
o a.     Maintain Cost Centre              o b.    Use Cost Centre for Job Costing       
o c.     Both a & b                               o d.     None of these

            23.       Multiple Godowns are activated from
                        o a.     F11                  o b.     F11 > F1         o c.     F11 > F2         o d.     F11 > F3

            24.       There are _________ predefined ledgers
                        o a.     One                 o b.     Three               o c.     Two                 o d.     Four

            25.       We can see list of Memorandum Vouchers from
                        o a.     Cash/Bank Books       o b.     Exception Reports      o c.     Accounts Books
                        o d.     Trail Balance
            26.       To print a voucher from Tally we need to press
o a.     Ctrl + P            o b.     Shift + P          o c.     Alt + P o d.     Ctrl + Alt + P
            27.       We can see Working Capital figure changing
                        o a.     Voucher configuration                                    o b.     Profit & Loss configuration    
o c.     Balance Sheet configuration              o d.     Ledger configuration

            28.       Input Vat Ledger is created under which account?
                        o a.     Duties & Taxes  o b.  Sales   o c.     Sales Return   o d.     None of these

            29.       We can create multiple users in Tally activating
                        o a.     Tally Audit                   o b.     Use Security Control 
o c.     Both (a) and (b)           o d.     None of these

            30.       “Allow components list details (Bill of Materials)” option is activated for
                        o a.     Ledgers  o b.  Cost Category             o c.     Stock Items     o d.     Budgets

31.        Retained Earnings is an alias of
o a.     Indirect Income           o b.     Reserve and Surplus             
o c.     Capital Account          o d.     Investments

32.       We can repeat narration by pressing
                        o a.     Shift + R o b.     Alt + R  o c.            Ctrl + R           o d.     Alt + Shift + R

            33.       What is MRP?
                        o a.     Market Price   o b.     Maximum Retail Price                        o c.     Marginal Price
                        o d.     Minimum Retail Price

            34.       We can use Stock Journal for
                        o a.     Production and Consumption             o b.     Inter Godown transfer for stock
                        o c.     Both (a) and (b)                                   o d.     None of these

30.          Discount Column is available in
o a.     Sales Invoice              o b.     Purchase Invoice        o c.     Both (a) and (b)           o d.            None of these

            36.       We can get the report of Interest from
                        o a.     Account Books           o b.     Cash and Fund flow    o c.     Inventory Books
                        o d.     Statements of Accounts

            37.       We can cancel a voucher using
                        o a.     Alt + X             o b.     Ctrl + X o c.   Shift + X          o d.     Ctrl + Shift + X

            38.       To see reports of Job Work Analysis
                        o a.     Display-Statement of a/cs     
o b.     Display-Statement of a/cs-Job Work Analysis
                        o c.     Display-Statement of a/cs-Cost Center-Job work
                        o d.     None of these

            39.       For reconciliation of Bank press
                        o a.     F12                  o b.     F10                  o c.     F5                    o d.     F6

            40.       We can't select cash in Journal Voucher
                        o a.     True                 o b.     False

            41.       To create Scenario which option require to be activated?
                        o a.     Use Rev Journal & Optional voucher in F12 o b.Use Optional voucher in F11
                        o c.     Use Reversing voucher in F11
                        o d.     Use Rev journal & Optional voucher in F11

            42.       Optional Voucher is one type of
                        o a.     Conventional Voucher            o b.     Unconventional Voucher
                        o c.     Both (a) & (b)                          o d.     None of these

            43.       TDS deduction entry can be made through
o a.     Payment Voucher                   o b.     Journal Voucher                    
o c.     Receipt Voucher                     o d.     All of these

            44.       To create Purchase Order press
                        o a.     Alt + F4 o b.       Ctrl + F4         o c.        F4              o d.     None of these

            45.       List of Optional Voucher we can get from
                        o a.     Cash Bank Books                   o b.     Exceptional Reports
                        o c.     Accounts Books                      o d.     Balance Sheet

            46.       Input Vat Credit on Capital goods should be defined under
                        o a.     Capital Account                      o b.     Current Liabilities
                        o c.     Duties & Taxes                       o d.     Misc. Expenses (Assets)

47.          Single Entry mode is applicable for
o a.     Receipt Voucher o b. Contra Voucher
o c.     Payment Voucher o d.          All of these

            48.       Online voucher creation from Day Book report by pressing
                        o a.     Ctrl + A o b.   Shift + A          o c.     Alt + A             o d.     None of these

            49.       Reversing journal is a
                        o a.     Conventional Voucher                        o b.     Unconventional Voucher
                        o c.     Both (a) and (b)                                   o d.     None of these

            50.       To hide the name of the Company you need to define
                        o a.     Security Control                                  o b.     Tally Audit
                        o c.     Create at least one User                     o d.     Tally Vault Password

            51.       To declare a voucher as Post Dated press
                        o a.     Ctrl + T            o b.     Alt + T             o c.     Ctrl + P            o d.     Ctrl + D

            52.       We can switch from Accounting Voucher to Inventory Voucher pressing
                        o a.     F2                    o b.     Alt +F1                        o c.     Ctrl + F1          o d.     F11

            53.       Goods returning to a Creditor after challan but before bill we need to pass
                        o a.     Debit Note                   o b.     Receipt Note               o c.     Rejection Out
                        o D.    Rejection In
            54.       Branch / Division is a group defined under
                        o a.     Liabilities o b. Assets             o c.     Income            o d.     Expenditure

            55.       To use Dr/Cr instead of To/By during Voucher entry or vice versa, Press
                        o a.     F10      o b.     F12                  o c.     F11                  o d.     None of these

            56.       For Export of Data from Company to Company Tally uses
                        o a.     SDF Format    o b.     ASCII Format  o c.     XML Format    o d.     All of these

            57.       Voucher class is a pre defined voucher type that helps to
                        o a.     Automatic Entry          o b.     Automatic Calculation
                        o c.     Minimize Errors           o d.     All of these

            58.       To alter a master while making an entry or viewing a report
                        o a. Alt + Enter o b.  Shift + Enter    o c.     Ctrl + Enter     o d.     Tab + Enter

            59.       To view the TDS report go to
                        o a.     Display > Statements of Accounts > TDS Outstanding > TDS Computation
                        o b.     Accounts Book > TDS Outstanding > TDS Computation
                        o c.     Display > TDS Outstanding > TDS Computation
                        o d,.    None of these

            60.       To show the cheque number while reconciling Bank Accounts press
                        o a.     F11      o b.     F 12                 o c.     CTRL + F11    o d.     CTRL + F12
61.       Data Folder of a Company consists of
                        o a.     3 digits             o b.     4 digits             o c.     6 digits             o d.     5 digits

            62.       Total number of Ledgers, Groups, Entries etc. can be shown from
                        o a.     Tally Audit       o b.     Statistics          o c.     Accounts Information
o d.     Company Information
63.       Voucher Class for Interest calculation created based on
                        o a.     Journal Voucher                                 o b.     Debit and Credit Note            
o c.     Receipt and Payment Voucher          o d.     Both (a) and (b)
64.       ETCS means
                        o a.     Enable Tax Collected at Source o b.            Electronic Tax Collected at Source
                        o c.     Electric Tax Collected at Sourceo d.            None of these

            65.       What is TAN?
                        o a.     Tax Account Number                         o b.     Tax Assessment Number
                        o c.     Tax Assignment Number                    o d.     None of these

            66.       To get Payroll Reports choose
                        o a.     Gateway of Tally > Display   
o b.     Gateway of Tally > Display > Statement of Accounts
                        o c.     Gateway of Tally > Display > Statement of Payroll
                        o d.     Gateway of Tally > Display > Payroll Reports

67.          Payroll Auto fill is done through
o a.     Ctrl + A            o b.     Alt + A             o c.     Ctrl + B            o d.     Alt + B

            68.       To see Gratuity Reports go to
                        o a.     Gateway of Tally > Display > Payroll Report > Gratuity
                        o b.     Gateway of Tally > Display > Gratuity Report
                        o c.     Gateway of Tally > Display > Statement of Accounts > Gratuity Reports
                        o d.     None of these

            69.       At the time of Branch Transfer, Sales ledger is created under which Vat/Tax Class?
                        o a.     Export                                     o b.     Consignment/Branch Transfer Outward
                        o c.     Sales with Vat rate                  o d.     None of these

70.       Memorandum Voucher does not affect Books of Accounts.
                        o a.     True                 o b.     False

            71.       To remove a line at all reports screen, shortcut is
                        o a.     Alt + R             o b.     Alt + S             o c.     Alt + 1              o d.     Alt + T

            72.       There is no difference between Shut Company & Delete Company.
                        o a.     True                 o b.     False

            73.       How can we see Vat Reports?
                        o a.     Gateway of Tally > Display
                        o b.     Gateway of Tally > Vat Reports
                        o c.     Gateway of Tally > Display > Statutory Info
                        o d.     Gateway of Tally > Display> Statutory Reports

            74.       BOM represents
                        o a.     Billing of Machines                              o b.     Bill of Materials
o c.     Bill of Maintenance                             o d.     None of these

            75.       What is the full form of TCS?
                        o a.     Tax Collected by Staff                                    o b.     Tax Consumption at Source
                        o c.     Tax Collected at Source                     o d.     Tax Collected from Sales

76.       The shortcut used for Sales Order is
                        o a.     Alt+F4             o b.     Alt+F5             o c.     Alt+F7             o d.     Alt+F8

            77.        Bank OCC a/c is a group defined under
                        o a.     Bank Account             o b.     Secured Loan             o c.     Unsecured Loan
                        o d.     Loan &  Liability

78.          Sales Tax Ledger falls under which Group?
o a.     Indirect Expenses o b. Duties and Taxeso c.Sales o d.    Purchases

79.          "Alias" represents
o a.     Short name     o b.     Nick name      o c.     Code name     o d.     All of these     
80.       To change the date, shortcut used
                        o a.     Alt+F2             o b.     Alt+F3             o c.     F2                    o d.     F1

81.       If we purchase any Fixed asset in credit, we can pass it from  
o a.     Payment mode           o b.     Receipt mode             o c.     Journal mode              o d.            Contra mode

            82.       To save entry without any amount, we have to use
                        o a.     Cost Center                 o b.     Maintain Multiple godown      
o c.     Allow O value entry    o d.     Use Rej. Notes

            83.       To see the report of Unconventional vouchers go to
                        o a.     Display-Day Book                               o b.     Display-Account Books                                  o c.         Display-Exception Reports                 o d.     Display-Trial Balance

            84.       The shortcut used for Optional vouchers is
                        o a.     Ctrl + N           o b.     Ctrl + M           o c.     Ctrl + A            o d.     Ctrl + L

            85.       Transfer of materials from one godown to another godown, use
o a.     Manufacturing Journal                        o b.     Stock Journal             
o c.     Purchase Journal                                o c.     Both A & B

            86.       BOM represents Bill of Materials.
                        o a.     True                             o d.     False

87.       Recording of actual stock as physically verified or counted is done through
o a.     Journal                        o b.     Stock Journal              o c.     Physical Stock
o d.     Sales
            88.       Predefined Billing terms can be maintained through
                        o a.     Cost Center                                         o b.     Voucher Class                       
o c.     Maintan Multiple Godowns                 o d.     Stock Categories

            89.       How many formats are available while Exporting?
                        o a.     5                      o b.     4                      o c.     3                      o d.     2

            90.       While exporting Ledgers from Tally to Web Page, we use
                        o a.     XML Format                                        o b.     ASCII Format 
o c.     SDF Format                                        o d.     HTML Format

            91.       Budget represents ……………………
                        o a.     Estimation       o b.     Forecasting     o c.     Assumption     o d.     All of these

            92.       To see any report in detailed way, press
                        o a.     Alt+F2             o b.     F2                    o c.     Alt + C             o d.     Alt+F1

            93.       In Service tax Credit Adjustment (%) should be either
                        o a.     20%                 o b.     100%               o c.     Both a & b       o d.     30%

            94.       Service Tax Report can be seen from
                        o a.     Display > Day Book                            o b.     Display > Account Books                               o c.         Display > Statutory Masters               o d.     Display > Statutory Reports

            95.       Can we allow Expenses/Fixed Assets in Purchase vouchers?
                        o a.     Yes                  o b.     No

            96.       Transfer from Main Cash to Petty Cash you require to pass ……………… voucher.
                        o a.     Payment         o b.     Contra o c.     Receipt            o d. None of these

97.          If the Financial Year from is 1st April 2005 and the Books Beginning from is 1st
            January 2006 then what will be the Closing Date?
o a.     31st Dec 2006            o b.     31st March 2006
o c.     31st December 2005  o d.     None of these

            98.       Income Tax number of the Company will appear in which report?
                        o a.     Cash/Bank Book                                             o b.     Profit and Loss A/c
                        o c.     Reminder Letter                                              o d.     None of these

            99.       Patent account falls under
                        o a.     Investments                o b.     Liabilities         
                        o c.     Current Assets            o d.     None of these

            100.     Find out which is not a Default Ledger in Tally.
                        o a.     Cash in Hand              o b.     Capital Account         
                        o c.     Profit & Loss               o d.     None of these


          1.       b        2.       b                 3.       b                 4.       a                 5.       a

          6.       c        7.       b                 8.       a                 9.       b                 10.     c

          11.     b        12.     d                 13.     b                 14.     d                 15.     a       
16.     c        17.     b                 18.     c                 19.     c                 20.     d

          21.     a        22.     c                 23.     c                 24.     c                 25.     b                
          26.     c        27.     c                 28.     a                 29.     b                 30.     c                
          31.     b        32.     c                 33.     b                 34.     c                 35.     c                
          36.     d        37.     a                 38.     b                 39.     c                 40.     b

          41.     d        42.     b                 43.     b                 44.     a                 45.     b

          46.     c        47.     d                 48.     c                 49.     b                 50.     d

          51.     a        52.     b                 53.     c                 54.     a                 55.     b       
56.     c        57.     d                 58.     c                 59.     a                 60.     b

          61.     d        62.     b                 63.     b                 64.     b                 65.     b

          66.     d        67.     b                 68.     a                 69.     b                 70.     a

          71.     a        72.     b                 73.     d                 74.     b                 75.     c

          76.     b        77.     d                 78.     b                 79.     d                 80.     c

          81.     c        82.     c                 83.     c                 84.     d                 85.     b

          86.     a        87.     c                 88.     b                 89.     c                 90.     d

          91.     d        92.     d                 93.     c                 94.     d                 95.     a                
          96.     b        97.     b                 98.     d                 99.     d                 100.   b

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