Trees-Nature’s gift to man

Trees are Mother Nature’s precious gift to man. Directly or indirectly, they provide him with all his basic necessities, viz., air, water, food, clothing and shelter. They also provide important raw material for our industries. Industries provide employment to people. The wood of furniture, housing and ships comes from trees. Wood is also used for fuel and for making charcoal. Wood pulp is used to make paper and artificial yarn. Trees also give us products such as spices, rubber, turpentine, eucalyptus oil, gum and medicinal products. No wonder forests are known as ‘green gold’. Trees provide shade to tired travelers and animals and shelter to innumerable birds and insects.

Trees check strong currents of wind and water and thereby prevent soil erosion. Trees keep the air clean. Forest retain humidity and attract rains. It is for this reason that trees are known as rain catchers. They absorb harmful carbon dioxide from the air and fill the atmosphere with precious life-sustaining oxygen.  In this way they reduce air pollution. Therefore, trees are called ‘lungs of nature’. We thus , owe our very existence to trees.

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