The RSP ( Road Safety Patrol ) boys and girls of your school control the traffic in a busy part of the town for half a day.

Write a report of this event in about 20 lines to be published in your school magazine .
Mahatma Chowk Controlled by RSP of The General English High School

May 3 : Boys and girls of the RSP of The General English High School efficiently managed the traffic and pedestrians at the busy Mahatma Chowk from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on 1 st May . Since it was a holiday , many of us went to see how our uniformed friends controlled the traffic . It was a pleasure to see our friends taking turns to stand smartly on the platform in the centre of the chowk .

They were accurate and the firm in their gestures . Others monitored pavement traffic and aided the pedestrians across the  street . Passers – by were amused to see the school children monitoring the traffic . The R.T.O. Mr. Satya Dev, was there to give guidance and support . Our sports master , Mr. Ajith was also present .

At 1 p.m. the little troop gathered on the pavement for dispersal orders . Then we all went home . For the RSP boys and girls it was an interesting exercise in the service of society .

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