On teacher’s Day you have to speak on the topic ‘ My thoughts about my school ‘. Write a short speech that you will deliver in class.

My Thought About My School

Respected Teacher and Dear friends,

My school has been for me the temple where I was guided , instructed and moulded. It has been the garden in which I flowered. The playground was the place where my body gained its physical fitness, the classroom where my mind was nurtured. My teachers were the ones who introduced me to new ideas, concepts, discoveries and inventions. They inspired me to cultivate a healthy attitude that gave me a broad outlook on life. The principal and management of this school were the benign creators of the various opportunities for personal growth that I was provided here. My friends, like me, grew and developed side by side with me.

My heart is filled with deep gratitude for this wonderful place, this huge storehouse of knowledge, that I had the good fortune to be associated with. The playground, the silent walls, the pictures in the classroom will always be a part of me. And although it is said that nothing lasts for ever, my school will always be in my heart wherever I go, whatever I do. This is the one place that shall live in my memory forever.

Thank you.

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