Burning the midnight oil

Whenever examination time draws near, students begin staying awake late at night , right up to the early hours of the next morning. They sacrifice precious sleep in order to memories lessons so that they will do well in the forthcoming examinations. Their parents, too, take turns, sitting with them , making hot cups of tea or coffee, to keep them awake while they study. All through the year they neglected their studies, enjoyed themselves, played games, watched plenty of Tv, went for a number of movies, and took studies for granted. Only when the terrible shadow of examinations looms near, do they become nervous and feel that they need to spend more than the usual time on study. So they burn the midnight oil, fighting sleep and forgetfulness, in a desperate attempt to cram into their heads a whole year’s study. My advice to such shirkers is: Do regular study all the year round. Do your homework on time. Revise regularly whatever has been taught. And you will have no need to burn the midnight oil. Examinations, then, will be a mere cakewalk!

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