Write a letter to a newspaper , commenting on the unclean conditions of our streets , parks , and other public places .

Mr. A .R.Fawwaz deserves kudos for his exposure of our lack of civic sense ( 24 th March ) . The streets and pavements of our cities are covered with bits of paper , banana skins , and red spittle – marks which are due to our national custom of chewing pan . Our parks and beaches are strewn with wrappings , bits of food , and a lot of similar litter .

Let me relate an amusing incident about an Indian who was in Germany . The streets in Grmany are very clean , and those found throwing litter on them are fined . Once this Indian got down from a bus and threw away the bus ticket on the street . A policeman who saw this came up to him and asked him to pay the fine . The Indian readily gave the prescribed fine and threw away the receipt the policeman had given him !

We attach importance to personal and domestic cleanliness . We have yet to learn to keep our surroundings and cities clean .

                                                                                                                                                                    Yours truly ,


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