Write a letter to the Manager of a printing press , enquiring about the cost of printing your school magazine .

Respected Sir ,

I am the editor of ‘ Dawn ,’ a magazine brought out every year by my schhol . I would like to know the cost of printing two thousand copies of a school magazine of about 150 pages , including 10 pages of photographs printed on art paper . I am sending the copy of the last year’s magazine so that you may have an idea of the size of the magazine , tha sort cover we prefer etc . Please quote seperately the rates of composing , printing , block – printing , the cost of paper , etc .

The magszine must be delivered to us by the 15th of January . If you are able to fulfil this condition and if your rates are competitive , you will be given the contract of printing the magazine . An early reply will be appreciated .

                                                                                                                                                       Yours faithfully ,


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