Write a letter to the local Municipal authority , complaining about the unclean stuff sold by vendors outside your school .

Respected Sir ,

I wish to draw  your attention to the grave danger to the health of many children posed by vendors  outside the Mahatma Gandhi  school, parel.

The sweets and other  eatables they sell are unclean, and in many cases, adulterated .Yet several children are tempted to buy them. Last week fifty children were down with diarrhoea. Their suspected to be caused by the  unclean stuff sold by the vendors.

The school authorities tried to prevent  the vendors from selling their unclean stuff, but to no avail.On behalf of the students of the school,I request you to take immediate steps to ward off this source of hazard to our health.

                                                                                                                                                          Yours faithfully, 


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