1. Write the negation of the following statements. [video part one] [video part two]

            Economic growth and per capita income is more in America.
            All students have completed their homework and the teacher is present.
            If it snows then Kaja does not drive the car.
            Ranjani is rich if and only if she is a doctor.
            Ashok reads daily news paper DNA or TOi.
            xN,x^2+x is an even number.
            Some students have not paid the fees.
            nN, such that n^2=n.
            xR, such that x^2<x.

            Total assets minus capital is equal to liabilities or book – keeping is the language of business.

2. Using the rules of negation, write the negation of the following. [video part one] [video part two] 

            [(~p~q)(p~q) ]


3. Write the converse, inverse and contrapositive of the following statements.[video]
        i.            The crop will be destroyed if there is a flood.
      ii.            If Ravi is good in logic then Ravi is good in Mathematics. 

4. With proper justification, state the negation of each of the following. [video]


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