What is E-Learning? Compare E-Learning with traditional classroom learning.

Ans: E-Learning:
Technology base learning; learning materials are delivered via the internet to remote learners world wide.
Advantage of E-Learning:
  • Learning-centered and self paced.
  • Time and location flexibility.
  • Cost-effective for learners.
  • Potentially available to global market.
  • Unlimited access to knowledge.
  • Archival capability for knowledge reuse and sharing.
Disadvantage of E-Learning:
  • Lack of immediate feedback in asynchronous e-learning.
  • Increased preparation time for the instructor.
  • Not comfortable for some people; requires more maturity and self-discipline.
  • Potentially more frustration, anxiety, and confusion.
Advantage of Classroom Learning:
  • Immediate feedback.
  • Familiar to both students and instructors.
  • Motivates students.
  • Cultivate of a social community
Disadvantage of Classroom learning:
  • Instructor-centered
  • Time and location constraints
  • More expensive to deliver

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