Report Writing Nirmal Old - Age Home

Q5. B. Attempt any one of the following: [5 Marks]

Nirmal Old - Age Home
(1) Number of residents / inmates : 100
(2) Their age group : Above 75 years.
(3) Their financial background: Dependent
(4) Reasons for their stay there: Alone
(5) Their physical condition: Good
(6) Recreational facilities available to them.

Your school visited 'Nirmal Old - Age Home'. Based on the information given on the Notice board, prepare a report to be published in your school magazine.



March 5: Students of Std. X B visited the 'Nirmal Old - Age Home' on 3rd March, 2016 and spent two days there.

            Our visit there was an unforgettable lesson. There we learnt more about true life and sharing and caring. There are hundred inmates in the Home. All of them were above the age of seventy five. They all financially dependent on their families or on charity. Their physical condition is good. There are many recreational facilities available to them and these facilities were properly used by them. However, all of them were lonely and carving for love and affections. We spoke to them, shared our love and we sang songs for them some of our friends were danced for them. They shared their sadness and personal stories with us. However, the care shown to them by the workers at the Home was indeed inspiring. Finally we left with a heavy heart from them.

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