Microsoft Paint is a program that is distributed with Windows.

You can use this program to resize large graphic images.

1. Locate Microsoft Paint. Click Start. Click All Programs. Locate Accessories and find the program icon for Paint.

2. Open Microsoft Paint.

3. Click File – Open. Locate your jpg image and double click to open.

4. To see the current size of your image, click Image – Attributes. The width and height of your image will be shown. This will give you an idea of how large your image is – and how much smaller you need to make it (the target size is about 500 pixels wide).

5. To resize your image, click Image – Stretch/Skew. You can then enter the percentages of width and height to resize the image. You may need to go as small as 10%, depending on the original size of your image. Be sure to enter the SAME VALUE for both width and height, or your aspect ratio will be incorrect and your picture will look wrong. Click OK

6. To save your image with the new size, click File – Save As. Rename your document in order to retain your original large picture, or use the same name to overwrite your original image. Be sure that SAVE AS TYPE is set to JPG. Click Save.

7. You now have a much smaller image which will be more appropriate for uploading. Repeat this for each image you are resizing

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