Geography Important Fill ups for Board Exam Revisions.

1.       The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are believed to have been formed along with the formation of Himalayas by Volcanic Activity.
2.       Peninsular Plateau is one of the oldest landmasses in the world.
3.       The entire Ladakh region can be described as a "cold desert".
4.       The eastern most form of our country they are called as Purvanchal.
5.       Tea is grown in plantation mainly on the foot hills and at the lower slopes of the mountains in the Darjeeling district.
6.       Arunachal Pradesh is the homeland of several tribal groups.
7.       Indira Gandhi Canal irrigates northwestern Rajasthan has turned the desert green.
8.       Sambhar Lake is India's largest saline(salt) lake has made Rajasthan the third largest salt producing state in India.
9.       The Punjabi language, written in Gurmukhi script, is the official language of Punjab.
10.   The holiest of Sikh shrines, the Sri Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple) in the city of Amritsar.
11.   Grant Trunk road that connects Kolkata to Amritsar passes through this region and then goes to Lahore in Pakistan.
12.   Delta has the shape of triangle the Ganga-Brahmaputra delta is the World's largest delta.
13.   Iron and Steel industry is located at Kulti.                13 (b). Chemical industry is concentrated in Kolkata, Howrah.
14.   Kolkata-Hoogly industrial Belt is the main industrial region in the Northern Indian Plains.
15.   Bihu  festival is the most important and commonly celebrated festivals in Assam.
16.   River Narmada is considered as a boundary separating the Central Highlands and Deccan Plateau.
17.   The karnataka plateau is known as "Maidan".         17 (b) Maharashtra Plateau =  Basalt rocks.
18.   Garhjat Hills occupy the north western part of Odisha.
19.   Of all the coastal states in India, Gujarat has the longest coastline.

20.   The sundarbans freshwater swamp forests lie closer to the Bay of Bengal.

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