Geography Economics Sample Question paper for Board Exam


I. (A) Fill in the blanks by selecting the words given in the bracket: (1 mark each)

(1) ____________ Ocean is the only ocean in the world named after a country. 

(Pacific, Indian, Atlantic, Artic)

(2) The ________ range is considered as the world's highest mountain range.

 (Himalaya, Aravalli, Satpura, Nilgiri)

(3) Rajasthan plain is known as _______ desert. 

(Sahara, Kalahari, Gobi, Great Indian)

I. (B) Match the words from 'Group A' with the words from 'Group B': (1 mark each)

Column 'A'
Column 'B'
(1) Floral and Faunal diversity
(a) Amritsar
(2) Shisham
(b) Southeast of the Punjab
(3) Harmandir Sahib
(c) The foothills of the Siwaliks

(d) Siwalik in Punjab

II. (A) Give geographical reasons for the following: (Any 2) [ 4 ]

II. (B) Write short notes on : (Any 2)    (4)

1. Characteristics of the North Indian Plain. 

2. Origin of Himalayas. 

3. The Ganga drainage pattern. 
III. (B) Mark the places on the given outline map of India: (Any 2) (2)

(1) A hill station in the Ghats from Maharashtra

(2) Kochi
(3) Mumbai Port
(4) Chota Nagpur Plateau 

III. (C) Observe the map and answer the questions given below: (Any 2) (2)

1. Name any two tributaries of River Ganga in the Lower Ganga Plain

Answer: Son and Gomati are the tributaries of River Ganga int he Lower Ganga Plain. 

2. Name the rivers in the Doab region. 

Answer: Ganga and Yamuna are the rivers in the Doab region. 

3. Which is the northernmost river in the Ganga Plain?

Answer: Yamuna is the northernmost river in the Ganga Plain. 

4. What is the height of Bhabar Zone?

Ans. More than 300 Metres. 


v. Fill in the blanks by selecting the words given in the brackets. (2)

1. The main motive of producers is to maximize profit in ________ economy. 
(socialist, capitalist, mixed)

2. In the _________ technique there is more use of machinery than labour. 
(capital intensive, labour intensive, traditional) 

VI. Answer the following in one or two sentences: (Any 3) (6)

1. What is meant by mixed economy?

2. Explain the meaning 'Bank Rate".

3. Explain various types of Economy. 

4. What are the two main causes of Inflation?

5.Give two examples of Natural resources? 

VII. Answer the following in 5 to 6 sentences: (Any 1)  (4)

1. Explain the effects of inflation on distribution.

2. Explain the duties of a consumer. 

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