E commerce with different perspective

What is E-Commerce? Explain with different perspectives.


There are several ways of looking at e-commerce:

Communication: It is the ability to deliver products, services, information, or payments via networks like the internet.

Interface: E-commerce means information and transaction exchange: (Business to business, Business to consumer, Consumer to consumer, and business to government.)

Business process: E-Commerce means activities that support commerce electronically by networked connections. For Example business processes like manufacturing and inventory etc.

Online: E commerce is an electronic environment that allows sellers to buy and sell products, services, and information on the internet. The Products may be physical like Cars, Computers, Books or services like news or consulting.


Ecommerce deals with various media: data, text, video, web pages, and internet telephony.

Market: E-commerce is a world wide network. A local store can open a web storefront and find the world at doorstep- customers, suppliers, competitors, and payments services, Of course, an advertising presence is essential.

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