A dialogue between a student and a bus conductor about fare

Conductor: Ticket. Ticket please.

Student: I'm a student. How much up to Dadar?

Conductor: Rs. 16,

Student: But students get half fare concession.

Conductor: Are you going to your school?

Student: No, I'm going to my uncle's.

Conductor: Do you think that you deserve concession?

Student: Yes, because I don't earn money.

Conductor: It is the wrong policy of the Govt. to give Concession to the students wherever they go.

Student: It is better for the students.

Conductor: I don't agree. In this way, most of the students keep on wandering.

Student: Without purpose nobody goes anywhere.

Conductor: This is the problem. Most of the students misuse this facility. They have given up their studies and keep on moving about.

Student: I don't believe. The students who are supposed to study they are studying.

Conductor: Do you have your identity card?

[After searching his wallet]

Student: Sorry. I forgot it back home.

Conductor: How can I come to know that you are a student? Is it written on your face?

Student: I'm sorry.

Conductor: Here is half ticket. But next time, you must have your card with you.

Student: Thank you.

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