We live in deeds not in years.

Life is a beautiful gift to us from God. What we make of it is our return gift to Him. Out deeds and our actions is what we are judged by and hence it is rightly said that we live in deeds not in years which is only a measurement of the passage of time. 

A short life well spent and well - lived is far better than a long span of life which is ridden by negativity and pessimism. Out actions often speak and they do so louder than words, hence it is imperative that a good living should be marked and characterized by our deeds of kindness, generosity, charity, humility and above all forgiveness. It is only when we do good that we can expect good in return. It is only when we are polite and thoughtful that others will follow and do likewise. Most of the famous and legendary personalities in this world are remembered for their deeds - for what they did, not for how long they live. Hence, lets live our lives exemplary in deeds and not in age.  

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