Sweet Are the Uses of Adversity

This famous maxim is from Shakespeare’s classic play ” As you like it “. They are spoken by the duke senior in the forest of Arden.

This statement contains a profound truth – adversity or difficulty brings the best in man as he learns to cope with his trials. Man’s real worth is put to test in adversity. It develops fortitude and courage in him.

Difficulties are in fact gifts bestowed by god upon man. It during these times that he realizes what he has missed by keeping himself confined to the life of comfort. He learns the value of life.

A student who gives up simple pleasures to focus on his studies comes out in flying colours. The little joys he has sacrificed yield him abundant happiness. In times of adversity people discover their true friends as the saying goes ” Prosperity makes friends and adversity tries them “.

Adversity trains us to appreciate the lessons of the life. It brings out the innate qualities of one’s personality, of which one is ignorant. The hardships endured by Harischandra and Lord Rama brought out the noble qualities in them.

Thus, adversity does not always symbolize pain or difficulty. If one looks at the brighter side it actually serves to strengthen character and will power. It brings to the fore the dormant wisdom of man, for, as the saying goes ‘adversity is a blessing in disguise’.

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