Co Operation Model Question Paper No. 1

Q1. A. Select the correct answers from the possible choices given below and rewrite the statements: (5) 

1. Registration of co - operative society is _____________


b. Optional 

c. Not necessary 

2. A member who fulfils all the conditions of membership is called as _________ member. 


b. Associate 

c. Nominal

3. Sending information or thoughts from one person to another in written form is called as _________


b. Post Script

c. Enclosure

4. The Joint Registrar is appointed at ____________ level. 

a. Taluka 


c. State

5. The first general meeting is called by _____________ of the society. 

a. Auditors 

b. Registrar


B. Match the correct pairs : - [5]

Group A
Group B
a. Internal Audit
b. First Co – operative Bank in India
c. Short term Loans
d. National Co – operative Union
e. Idea of Privatization of Public Sector Undertaking.
1. Highest Level Union in the Country
2. Highest Level Union in the STate
3. Peter Drucker
4. Not Mandatory
5. Mandatory
6. 5-2-1889
7. 5-2-1892
8. Loans provided between 3 to 15 months.
9. Loans provided between 1 to 5 years
10. Elton Mayo. 

Ans. a = 4, b = 6, c = 8, d = 1, e = 3.

C. Write a word or a term or a phrase which can substitute each of the statements: (5)

1. Certificate issued after the registration of co - operative society.

2. A person who manages the work of a meeting in absence of a chairman. 

3. Name and address of the receiver of the letter. 

4. Officer appointed to assist the Commissioner and Registrar of Co - operation. 

5. The written record of resolution passed and decision taken at a meeting. 

(1) Registration Certificate

(2) Vice Chairman

(3) Inside Address. 

(4) Additional Registrar

(5) Minutes. 

Q2. Distinguish between (Attempt any three) (15) 

(1) Regular Member and Associate Member. 

(2) Internal Sources of Capital and External Sources of Capital. 

(3) Trial Balance and Balance Sheet. 

(4) District Central Co - Operative Bank and Urban Co - Operative Society. 

(5) Annual General Meeting and Last General Meeting. 

Q3. Write short notes (Attempt any three) : (15)

1. Responsibilities of Promoter.
2. Ordinary Member.

3. Features of Share Capital.

4. History of Urban Co  - Operative Bank.

5. District Central Co – Operative Bank (DCCB)

Q4. State with reason, whether the following statements are true or false (Attempt any three) (15)

1. Bank balance certificate is not necessary for the registration of co – operative society.

2. Increasing interference of the government in the economy leads to optimal utilization of resources.

3. To control of the malpractices and corruption is the aim of co – operative education and training.

4. Errors detected during audit can be corrected by society at any time.

5. As a process of globalization, rates of custom duties on imports and exports are reduced.

Q5. Attempt the following (Any Two) (10)

1. Prepare a Notice & Agenda of Annual General Meeting of a Co – Operative Society.

2. What is Cash Book?

3. What is Co – operative Education and Training?

4. Draft the Notice and Agenda of the Meeting of Managing Committee.

Q6. Prepare a reply letter to the Request by a Director about Changing the Date of the Meeting of Managing Committee.  [10]


Explain the various Development Functions of Commissioner and Registrar of Co – operatives. [10]

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