Answer the following questions:

(1) Give other two names of ethanol.        [1]

(2) Give the structural formula of ethanol.              [1]

(3) Give two properties of ethanol.            [1]

(4) Explain the action of phosphorous trichloride with ethanol. 
Write the balanced chemical equation of the above reaction. (2)


1. Ethyl alcohol and grain alcohol are the other two names of ethanol.

2. Ethyl alcohol

3. Two properties of ethanol:

(i) It is an inflammable volatile liquid.

(ii) It is soluble in water as well as in organic solvents.

4. Ethanol reacts with phosphorus trichloride at room temperature to give chloroalkane and phosphorus acid.

3C2H5OH + PCl3 → 3C2H5Cl + H3PO3

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