Tips for Essay writing

Essay is an attempt to express your thoughts and opinions on particular subject in your own words.

Essays can be classified as

1.    Narrative essay e.g . Autobiography ---unfinished story
2.    Descriptive essay e.g. Role of newspaper, Importance of sports.
3.    Explanatory/Expository essay
4.    Reflective essay e.g. --Time and tide wait for no man, importance of sports
5.    Imaginative essay e.g. -If I were Prime Minister
6.    Proverbial Essay
7.    Arguementative eg - Co education good or bad
These types are overlapping and are nor water-tight compartments

In the case of English as the first language, the student has to write two essays. The first essay carries 10 marks and is

reflective or argumentative essay. The second one carries 8 marks and is descriptive and narrative.

In the case of English as second language the student has to write 2 essays each carrying 8 marks.

Originality of an idea and expression is required for writing an impressive Essay.

Student should place himself in that particular situation and then ideas should flow smoothly and naturally.

Essay writing is an art and can be developed by practice.

The information collected and experiences undergone in every walk of life will find its application in essay writing

While writing essay one should make use of one's five sensory organs which means whatever is observed by five

sensory organs about the subject should be put down on the paper.

Before starting the essay writing student should understand the subject precisely.

Try to include conversation in quotes at few proper places.

Quotations should be used in introductory or concluding paragraph. But frequent use of quotations should be avoided as

it may overshadow your thoughts.

Essay should be divided in 3-4 paragraphs.

The introductory - This should be short paragraph introducing the subject in striking and direct manner.

Body of the subject should contain arguments, examples and episodes expressing your thoughts. There should be

minimum two or three paragraphs for body of the subject.

Concluding paragraph should sum up the Essay and should give it a good finish.

To improve Essay writing, student should regularly read newspaper and variety of books, novels etc.

As a preparation, the student should draft out outlines for few essays of different types. This will enable the student to

complete quality Essay in comparatively short time.

The marks are roughly divided as follows.


1 Mark

Appropriate content

2 Mark

Originality of idea

2 Mark

Structure of paragraphs

1 Mark

Proper conclusion

1 Mark

Grammatical accuracy

2 Mark

Appropriate vocabulary

1 Mark

Total :
10 Marks

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