A Robbery

Sam helps his uncle look after the latter's sundry shop. Business is brisk and Sam is kept busy most of the time.

One evening at about 8 p.m., just as Sam's uncle was about to close for the day, two men on a motorcycle stopped outside. They got off and walked into the shop. Sam thought that it was odd that they should be wearing dark glasses at night. Anyway who was he to question what another should wear?

Sam was about to ask the men what they wanted when both of them drew pistols from their pockets. One pointed a pistol at Sam and the other at Sam's uncle. Sam froze and stared at the pistol pointed at him. He could not believe his eyes. These two were robbers wearing dark glasses to conceal their identities!

The next moment Sam and his uncle were made to lie face-down on the floor. Sam heard the cash register ring and the drawer open. Then he heard a shuffling of feet, the roar of a motorcycle starting up and suddenly all was quiet.

Sam looked up. The robbers were gone. Sam shook his uncle who was still prostrate on the floor. They got up. Sam's uncle ran to the cash register. The robbers had taken every cent from it. The robbery had happened so quickly. It took less than a minute for the robbers to come and vanish with the day's takings.

Sam's uncle shook his head. At least the robbers did not harm them. The only thing left to do was to inform the police and let them handle the case. As for Sam, he learned to be wary of strangers who wore dark glasses at night.
brisk active
conceal to hide something
prostratelying with the face down and arms stretched out

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