SSC English Kumarbharati Poem for Board Exam. Read the following poem and answer the questions given below : (5 Marks)

B.1. Match the column.
A            B
(i) forests         (a) sighing
(ii) wild life     (b) drying
(iii) earth         (c) dying
(iv) rivers         (d) crying
(e) flooding

The forests are dying
Wild life is crying
Millions of fish are dying
Mother earth is sighing
Tell me is it right
That we sleep well at night
Replenishing ourselves
For tomorrows greedy fight
Overcrowded trains
Overloaded brains
Where is the light? What is our plight?
While river break their banks
And greedy industries play their polluted pranks.

B.2. What is the message conveyed through the poem ?

B.3. The figure of speech in the following line is ____________.

“While rivers break their banks.”

(a) Personification (b) Repetition  (c) Alliteration (d) Interrogation


B.1. (i - c), (ii - d), (iii - a), (iv - e)
B.2. The poet says that man has ignorantly ruined this planet earth due to his selfishness. Still the solution lies in our hands. If we take care to rebuild our planet, we may be able to save it from perishing any further.

B.3. (b) Alliteration

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