10th Standard English Poem With Answers

Read the following poem and answer the questions given below : (5 Marks)

B.1 Fill in the blanks. [2]

(i) Mask of death has been given the human quality of ___________.

(ii) The unblushed flag is covered with stains of _________.

(iii) __________ are raised over the grave of martyred youth.

(iv) ___________ ships are about to flounder in the dark.

Let us salute Republic Day - let us salute its rising sun,
And let us greet our Motherland and bow before her feet and say
Mother! your millions meet and swear on this, our proud Republic Day,
That we shall sink all differences and see all bickering is done -
We shall arise to dream like one, to toil like one, to build like one.
O Mother! teach our hands to bear

The lamp of peace your hands have borne
Through centuries of stress and strife.
May your chaste image make us dare
To bare the mark which Time has worn,
Black mask of death to frighten life!
The grinning mask of death and doom worn by crass enemies of truth.
Who have raised gardens for themselves over the grave of martyred
Over the graveyards of the world have planted, with loud boast and
With insolent, relentless hands, their base, unblushing bloodstained
Republic Day of India! Your dawning shall begin to mark
New harbour lights for troubled ships about to flounder in the dark,
The dark which tyranny has wrought across all earth and sea and sky,
Who claps his callous hands in glee and laughs to see the millions

B.2. According to the poet what can be achieved through unity ? [2]

B.3. What is the rhyme scheme of the poem ? [1]


B.1. (i) grinning
(ii) blood
(iii) Gardens
(iv) Troubled

B.2. Through unity our country shall rise to dream, to work hard and to build or create a new nation.

B.3. The rhyme scheme of the poem is irregular.

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