No Economics re exam

The state board helpline has been receiving several such calls for the past few days. "Students have asking if there will be a re-exam for economics, mathematics and organization of commerce. We have been trying to tell them that these are only rumours and they should refrain from forwarding them to friends," said a board helpline counselor. "Students must contact the school or board at the earliest to clarify such things," he added. 

Bulk messages also created confusion among students on the use of calculators during exams. While the board allowed usage of calculators for autistic students and those with a learning disability, the message said all could use it. 

Board officials warned that students must not believe such messages until they have the board's official word. "Students must not believe such messages as they may be circulated by pranksters. It will be the students' loss as they will lose out on precious study time. Please do not fall prey to these messages," said Laxmikant Pande, chairperson of the board's Mumbai division.

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