Your town or village is having a campaign of cleanliness. Prepare an appeal in the form of an advertisement write up with the help of the following points-:

1.              Use attractive slogans.

2.              Make use of logos.

3.              Many prizes and trophies for the cleanest village/town.

4.              Make a persuasive appeal for active participation in it.

5.              Add your own points.


Karla village is announcing a cleanliness week from 2nd to 8th October 2007. Come one come all.

Remember, a clean village is a healthy village. To keep you healthy, do the following-
Always use dustbin.
Clean your locality.
Clean roads regularly.

So take up your brooms, clean up streets and rooms Cleanliness is good for all of us.

Clean your village and win a PRIZE!

The cleanest village will be awarded a Golden Trophy by the hands of Amir Khan.

Remember man can work well when surrounding is clean. Keep clean. Keep clean.

We need you to make this campaign successful.

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