You are Priya Khanna, librarian of your school, Aligarh. You have been asked to place an order for some books for the school library. Write a letter to the Sales Manager, Light House, Main Road, Noida, placing an order for the books that you need.

Army School

20th January ‘2011

The Sales Manager
Light House
Main Road

Subject: Placing an order for books

Dear Sir,
I have reliably learnt that your book shop supplies books at discount rates. I would like to place the following order for the school library.

S.No.               Book’s Name                            Author                                            Quantity
1.                      Macbeth                                William Shakespeare                           one
2.                      The Suitable Boy                  Vikram Seth                                         one
3.                      Pride and Prejudice               Jane Austen                                          one
4.                      Wing of Fire                          APJ Kalam                                           one

The payment will be made by cheque on receipt of the goods. Kindly ensure that the order reaches us within a week .

Thanking you

Yours faithfully
Librarian, Army School


  1. It is really very helpful I have seen manybsites but no sites have a right. Pattern of letter. Can u share some more letter related to it