You are a member of a social organization. The organization has arranged a rally for orphans. Prepare a handout appealing to people for donating generously.

Use the following points-:
A catchy slogan
Time of Rally.
Mention famous personality who is to lead it.
Make an appeal.

Rally! Big Rally!

To help Orphans and their cause

The kranti Club has organized a big rally.

Orphans are children of the same father God.

Don’t let them feel that they are really orphans.

Let us give them our love.

Let us buy a ticket Orphan Aid for rupees 100/- each.

It will help to build up a permanent fund for the destitute.

All are cordially invited to join the rally.

Come one- come all.

Mahendra Dhoni will lead the rally.

Venue-: Kranti maidan

Time-: 3.50 p.m.

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