Write a story with the title: An unsolved mystery

1. Describe how three boys were going to camp and how one of them felt that something terrible was going to happen.

2. Describe how they passed by a ruined castle and how Hans suddenly took a different track and went towards the castle.

3. Describe how Hans’ friends followed him to the castle.

4. Describe Hans’ strange behavior and how Bob went for help.

5. Conclude with an unexplainable mystery.

James had a strange foreboding. For no rhyme or reason, he felt that something disastrous was going to happen.

Hans Davidson, Bob Hester and James Clifford were setting off on their summer holiday trip again. This time, they were going to camp at Fraser’s Forest, a developed island resort off Singapore. The camp site was located at the outskirts of the dense forest which covered most of the area.

As they were following their tour guide, Hans suddenly spotted an old and partially ruined castle in a distant clearing. Always the most curious among the three, he suggested that they take a closer look at it. Before either Bob or James could protest Hans had taken a different track and was heading for the castle. The other two ran after him, to try to persuade him to turn back and to remain with the rest of the group.

When he got close to the castle, Hans quickly walked up the stone steps and tried the handle of the front door. The door did not budge. The window frame next to it, however, could be lifted easily. He climbed in and the other two who had just caught up with him, followed suit. None of them wanted to reveal the fear they were feeling.

Amazingly, Hans seemed to know his way about the inside of the gloomy and dusty castle. He walked straight on, as if in a trance, and kept muttering, “I feel I was here when the castle was being built”.

“But how can that be possible? That must have been centuries ago!”, James exclaimed.

Hans did not seem to be aware of the presence of his friends. He proceeded to walk up the old marble stairs. Both James and Bob tried to prevent him but he pushed them aside roughly. James hastily instructed Bob to run off and get the other campers to help while he stood watch with a pounding heart.

After what seemed like an eternity to James, several holiday-makers climbed in through the open window and rushed towards James who stood stupefied. He told the others that Hans had not come down despite his repeated cries for him to do so.

Everyone immediately rushed up, but Hans was nowhere to be found. Then they heard a loud scream from the attic. A few men had found a skeleton in an ancient looking coffin. Dust-ridden but well carved, the coffin looked quite plain except for the words printed in gold – “Hans Davidson”.

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