Write a story with the title: “A courageous deed”

1. Describe how Ron, the disc jockey, felt troubled by the poverty in his country.

2. Describe how Ron made use of his time on the air, to let the public know more about the suffering of the poor.

3. Describe how he bravely went ahead with his plan despite attempts to stop him.

4. Describe how Ron’s courageous deed helped the poor and how he himself was rewarded.

“… And here are the headlines again. The survey carried out by the Welfare Ministry says that at least three children die every day due to acute starvation…” Ron gave a run-down on the main point. Then, he shut down the sound system at the newsroom and went on air to play some sentimental music.

Ron could not understand how there could be so many poor people in this wealthy country. He felt that the chief problem was caused by the general apathy of the public.

Ron wondered if he, as a disc jockey, could do anything. Just then, a brainwave hit him. Dare he do it? “Yes, I must!” he told himself as the idea began to take shape in his mind. The next day, Ron went on air as usual.

“Hi, everybody! Today, I have very special program for you. I was down at our numerous slum areas in the afternoon and have made a recording of the voices of pain and suffering that I heard there”.

With that, Ron played nothing for two hours but the voices of crying and dying children. He interspersed the program with interviews he had carried out with the inhabitants of the slums. It revealed shocking truths about their living conditions. The Management of the Broadcasting Co-operation was alerted about Ron’s conduct and demanded that he stop at once. Ron, however, locked himself in the Control Room.

After two hours, Ron came out of the Control Room, exhausted but happy. He was immediately apprehended by the police. His courageous deed had, however, drawn much public attention to the plight of the poor. Charity shows were held to raise money for them. Moreover, the government began to put in an extra effort to upgrade the standard of living in the slums. Many people demanded that the police release Ron. Hence, instead of being punished, Ron was praised for his courageous deed. Now, Ron is the main host of charity shows and the most popular disc jockey in the country.

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