Watching cartoons can be harmful. Do you agree?

1. Briefly talk about the attraction of cartoons to both adults and children.

2. Describe the disadvantages of watching cartoons.
Some promote violence.
Too much time may be spent on watching cartoons.

3. Describe the advantages of watching cartoons.
Some are very entertaining and not violent.
It helps the viewer to develop a sense of humor.

4. Briefly conclude that watching cartoons is not harmful if a person can separate reality from fantasy.

Almost every child develops a natural attraction to cartoons. Even some adults find it difficult to lose their taste for them. Yet, do cartoons cause more harm than good?

The answer to the above question depends on which cartoons one watches. One major concern of parents is that some popular cartoons, like the Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Superman all promote violence. Several cases have been reported of children who jumped to their death while trying to emulate Superman.

However, some argue that the cartoons impart good moral values because the good guys always win. This illustrates how good triumphs over evil. However, about eighty per cent of the viewing time concentrates on glamorizing violence. As a result, children may think that problems can only be solved through physical force. In addition, many children neglect their studies and other activities when they get carried away watching too many cartoons. However, some cartoons can be rather entertaining and are not harmful at all. Many cartoons are rather humorous too. These are especially enjoyed by adults who find them very entertaining after a hard day’s work. such cartoons help to cultivate the priceless gift of humor. They also help one to be more optimistic, relaxed and cheerful.

Therefore, not all cartoons are harmful. In fact, many children who watch violent cartoons do not necessarily become violent. This is because they know how to separate reality from fantasy.

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