“The twentieth century is an age of greed” Do you agree?

Being in an age of rapid scientific and technological development, it is only natural that man will find himself caught in the endless rat race. If before, we live in prosperity and harmony caring for our neighbors and subordinates, now we live in prosperity and harmony, but caring only for ourselves and never being satisfied with what we have. We are now, sad to say, ignoring the very existence of our neighbors. This selfish attitude is so common that we no longer regard it as a vice but rather as life’s pre-requisite.

In this realm of desire for material well-being, man says that greed is an inevitable consequence. If man in the stone age believed in survival of the fittest, man in this modern era believes in the survival of the wealthiest. Many people let money rule their lives, as they feel that money can buy them fame, respect, power and even happiness.

Take for instance the attitude of children at present. How often do we find kids selecting their friends from amongst the wealthiest and prettiest only. Worst still, some parents instruct their children to behave in this manner.

The attitude of students today, whether they are in the primary, secondary, or tertiary level, are also changing. The only thing on their minds is to obtain the highest possible qualifications. There is no more or at least minimal co-operation among students. Leisure is slowly giving way to textbooks, researches and endless hours of painstaking mugging. They are aiming for an excellent pass so that they would be recognized and their names will be on the lips of everyone around their campus. They hope for the most “respectable” job offering them the highest pay.

Realizing the importance of money, man however has gone so far as to regard money as an end and not as a means. Men will do all they can do to satisfy their greed for money. It is not surprising that crime rates are soaring limitlessly all over the world today. Discontentment and greed are the most common reasons for man to fall into using unscrupulous means. They rob, murder, frame others, cheat, swindle and now the most popular crime is selling and smuggling drugs, to be rich within the shortest possible time.

Last but not least, the numerous crises happening all over the world are classic examples of greed. Greed for power can be seen in innumerable invasions made by many powerful nations over the helpless Czechs, Afghanistan and Vietnam; the sophisticated nuclear balance between Russia and America, the unending terrorism in Palestine, Sri Lanka the civil wars which has time and again broken up all over the American and African Continent.

Above all, the emblem of greed and selfishness rings throughout the world when the hard-earned money that some caring people have donated to the poverty-stricken Ethiopias was swindled by the trustees. What could be worst than this unspeakable, inhumane act! And what can be a better proof that the twentieth century is indeed an age of greed.

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